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As this industry is still evolving and being defined, it is important to stay up to date with the regulations as many states, counties, and cities are starting to understand them.
As your software provider, part of Helix’s job is to assist in ensuring that not only is the software operating within the boundaries of the law, but that appropriate information is provided in response to any legal challenge that may arise.

Helix obtained expert legal advice from a broad spectrum of legal experts to ensure that the eBook sweepstakes system and business model with the various distributors that will be brought on complies with existing regulations. However, Helix is not a law firm and cannot dispense legal advice as to the particular laws and regulations of any local jurisdiction. Helix recommends that legal research is part of the deliberation process when considering distributing the software and the method at which to distribute. Prior research and familiarization of any laws, regulations or ordinances regarding sweepstakes promotions is an essential tool for operating legally within each city, county or state.

As in any business endeavor, opening a business is expensive undertaking requiring the commitment of time, money and effort. Establishing a dialogue with local government offices will minimize, if not eliminate, any risk to this investment that could arise from the incorrect deployment of the products. Information and education is the foremost tool in successfully navigating any challenges that may arise. Helix is committed to assisting in this process. The Helix system is not responsible for the use of the product and asks the end user to use the product appropriately.

The information provided is not intended to constitute legal advice and should not be relied upon in lieu of consultation with appropriate legal advisers.