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Getting Started

1. What is the point of a marketing code?
Vendors will need a marketing code so you are given credit for the players you sign up.

2. Can I have multiple Marketing Codes?
Yes. Your Marketing Code, is a promo code to them. When they enter your promo code, AND spend $20, they will receive an additional of 500 credits for free.

3. Is there a bonus for new Player/Customer purchases?
Yes. Your Marketing Code, is a promo code to them. When they enter your promo code, AND spend $20, they will receive an additional of 500 credits for free.

4. How much money can I make?
There is no solid answer to this. We know Vendors that make over $100k a month, and we also know many that don’t make a single dollar. It all comes down to who works harder and who can think outside the box better than the next Vendor.

5. If a customer forgets to enter my Marketing Code, can you re-enter it?
It is the absolute responsibility of the Digital Vendor to ensure that the Marketing Code is used. We cannot be held responsible for referrals resulting from incorrect or incomplete tracking. We cannot change or change the Marketing Code on accounts.

6. Are there costs associated with Helix?
Registering with Helix is 100% FREE.

7. How do I apply?
Click here!

Payments & Reporting

1. Will I have access to see my reports?
Yes, with your vendor account you will be able to see the activity of your clients purchases.

2. How do I track my clients?
Through your online reporting, all of your customer data is viewable, you can view specific customer purchases, redeems, dates and times.

3. Could you tell me if a player has signed up on my account?
Due to data privacy policy, we are not permitted to disclose if a customer’s account is linked or where it is linked. However, once you log into VendHelix.com, under the “tracking” tab, you will have access to the Digital Vendor Report that will allow you monitor the quantity of referred players.

4. How do I get paid?
Transfer of funds for your commission will be wired to you once a week.

5. How much do I get paid?
We have a tiered commission model beginning at 15% of the net revenue, increasing to 25%.b. The Revenue Share percentage earned monthly is calculated based on the real money players that you refer within that calendar month. For example: If you refer 20 real money players in May, you will receive 25% commission on the net revenue generated by these 20 players. However, if in June, you refer only 2 real money players, then you will be paid 15% on the net revenue generated by all 22 players.

Mareting, Tools & Support

1. Who can I market the app to?
Anyone…bars, restaurants, hotels, arcades, gaming rooms. The list is literally endless.

2. Can I use this on Iphones?
Currently Helix can only be run on android devices. This includes tablets and phones.

3. Is there a maximum/ minimum number of clients I can have?
We do not have any minimum or maximum on the number of your clients.

4. Do I have to have a Helix Customer account and play the games to be a Digital Vendor?

5. Do you accept Sub-Digital Vendors?
No…we do not accept Sub-Digital Vendors as part of our program.

6. Where can I get support?
Your business is important to us and we want to make sure that you are satisfied with our service. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please don’t hesitate to email sales@vendhelix.com

7. I forgot my username and password, where can I obtain a new one?
In order to reset the password for your affiliate account, please select the “Forgot your Password” option located in the top right corner. Then, enter your User Name and E-mail address and finally click the “Submit” button. A Password Reset e-mail will be sent to your E-mail Address. Please follow the instructions in this e-mail to reset your Password.c. In order to recover your User Name, first you need to contact our support team via email to sales@vendhelix.com with your full name, and email address.