Helix Mobile Vending Sweepstakes

The first Digital Vending platform of it’s kind

Our Approach

The Helix application bridges the gap between the digital world and the real one. We have eliminated our vendors overhead. The value is derived by our award winning marketing strategy and our affiliate’s presence in the marketplace. Our backend vendor system is extremely intelligent.  It’s an integral part of everything we do and a large component of our disbursement accounts. While we have a dedicated mobile team, we also have mobile thought leader analyst in each of our services and industries.

Our mobile marketing services include:  integrated marketing mathematics platform, integrated subset mathematics platform, sweepstakes marketing entry program, vendor accounting systems, and updated Helix psd platform upgrades free for vendors.

This program that you will be getting will meet are your vending needs. Although our program is extremely sophisticated in a development standpoint, our vendors continue to increase profitability within their venues and client circles.